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Age Eligibility

Children must be 9 years old by the 1st July of the year in which they start. Usually teenagers drop out at Year 11 in order to focus on their VCE.


Currently around $300-400 per child per year. This low cost is due to the large input from volunteers. If a child drops out in the first 2 weeks, the money is refunded, minus the initial booking. The fee, along with the ticket money from the production, goes towards costs of theatre hire, insurance, scenery storage, costumes, sets, props, scripts, etc


The waiting list varies from year to year. Sometimes we take everyone on the list, sometimes up to 20 have had to wait for the following year. To book in, simply fill in the form below with details of your child. You are not committed by this registration; and may defer or withdraw at anytime. In November of the year prior to joining you will receive an offer if a place is available for enrolment. Offers are strictly in order of original booking (first come, first served). However preference is given to families who already have a child in the group.